PAUL CHESLEY comes from a family of inventors, artists, and adventurers who encouraged exploration into the unknown. By the time Chesley was in his mid-twenties he realized that he could make a larger contribution to life through his photography. For the next four decades, beginning in the early 70’s, Chesley completed over thirty five projects worldwide with the National Geographic Society. In addition, he freelanced for numerous worldwide publications.

He was honored by the inclusion of his work in the Society’s first major exhibition, “The Art of Photography at National Geographic: A 100 Year Retrospective” at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Solo exhibitions of his work have appeared in museums in London, Tokyo, New York and Honolulu. In December 2012 during National Geographic Society’s 125th anniversary, Chesley’s work was included in Christie’s exhibition and auction in New York City.

His greatest enjoyment is on international projects, capturing the lives of people and cultures. See more of his work at www.paulchesley.com

KEITH LORENZ grew up in Manhattan. He attended Harvard where he majored in European history. He hitch hiked out West, and to Mexico, Central America and Cuba from the age of seventeen. Two years in the U.S. Army in Germany were followed by a year on the Left Bank in Paris. Returning to New York he sought a newspaper job but luck provided him with a one way ticket to Thailand.

After working as a copywriter for Grant Advertising International in Bangkok he slipped into journalism during the Vietnam war. He covered events in Indochina and all over Asia for fifteen years, working for NBC News, Voice of America, Mutual Broadcasting, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He later worked for UN Radio in NYC and finally, in the post-Vietnam period, as the Southeast Asia correspondent for the New York Journal of Commerce.

In the mid-1980s Keith moved to Honolulu where he worked as a writer at the East-West Center on Asia/Pacific issues. A special interest has been Burma; he has long reported on civil war in that country. September and October usually find him at his farm in mid-coast Maine.